The Most Essential Baby Supplies Every Grandparent Needs At Home For Their New Grandbaby

Are you becoming a new grandparent and wondering what you should have in your house to make it a home away from home for your grandchild and their parents? You’ve come to the right place!


As a new grandparent, you do everything you can to prepare your nest and make sure it is just as ready as your heart for your new grandbaby. The baby world is constantly changing and keeping up with the best products available isn't easy but there're some items you should definitely have on hand for when the baby comes to visit. If the idea of gearing up for a new grandkid and having a well-stocked grandparent home have you feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry — here’s a list of the most helpful baby gears for you!



✔️ Portable Crib

Cribs can be expensive and take up a lot of space in your spare bedroom but you need somewhere for the baby to sleep. When portable cribs are not in use, they can be folded up and stored almost anywhere. They are ideal for sleeping and putting the baby somewhere safe to play. Some of them also come with a bassinet attachment and a changing table.


✔️ Baby Nest

A baby nest is a small, portable, lightweight and supportive lounger with soft and protective cushioned edges and can be used around the house. It provides a familiar and calming environment for the baby to settle in while giving you the opportunity for some quality bonding time. It's the perfect place for the little one to enjoy rest, play, cuddles, diaper changes, tummy time and those special family gathering moments, making it a must-have item for you and the little bundle of joy.

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✔️ Crib Sheets

 A few spare sheets, fitted only.


✔️ Receiving Blankets & Swaddles

When the right fabric is used properly, these are the safest, most comfortable covers for infants, whether asleep or awake, particularly newborns.




✔️ Playmat / Bouncer

You can't hold the baby all the time, no matter how much you want to! A playmat is a clean and safe place for the little one to hang out when you need to stretch your arms while keeping an eye on her. Some of them also have activities attached, so the baby can look at things and play as she grows.

A baby bouncer comes in handy when you need to free your hands for a quick bite or shower when the baby is awake. It provides a comfortable environment for your baby to lounge with you close by and soothes a fussy baby with constant movements.


✔️ Baby Toys & Books

For entertainment and bonding.




✔️ Baby Feeding Set – bibs, baby bottles/sippy cups, bowls, plates & utensils

 Non-breakable and BPA-free.


✔️ Food & Beverage

Appropriate and parent-approved baby snacks and drinks.





✔️ Baby Bathtub

BPA-free plastic with a padded, reclining seat.


✔️ Baby Towels & Washcloths

It’s always a good idea to keep a few small, soft, cotton towels and washcloths in case things get messy.


✔️ Toiletries

Baby formulated shampoo, bath soap, moisturizing lotion, diaper rash ointment, sunscreen, cotton swabs, toothpaste etc.


✔️ Infant Toothbrush

Gum health is important even before the infant has teeth showing. Early oral care will help keep the unerupted teeth healthy and encourage them to come in properly. Brushing the baby's gums will also help relieve teething discomfort and promote tooth eruption.




✔️ Diapers & Wipes

Keep a stash of the type and brand of disposable or cloth diapers the baby is using so you don't run out of diapers while caring for your grandchild. Just make sure to get the right size!


✔️ Diaper Pail

You'll need a diaper pail if the baby uses disposable diapers - more sanitary and less odorous.


✔️ Changing Pad

Make sure it’s waterproof, washable and thick enough to provide support for the baby.


✔️ Body Suits / Sleep Sacks

Easy, no-fuss outfit in summer or a basic layer in winter. They reduce the risk of getting tangled up in clothing or loose bedding during the night.


✔️ Baby Socks

With non-slip grips.




✔️ Baby Monitor

It allows you to rest with peace of mind while keeping an eye on your grandbaby.


✔️ Baby Gates

To block the access to stairs, rooms, and areas that are dangerous to babies.


✔️ Babyproofing Gadgets

Electrical outlet covers, doorknob covers, corner covers, cabinet and door locks, toilet seats locks etc.




✔️ Stroller 

When choosing a baby stroller, you might want to get one that’s lightweight, easy to use and sturdy with a 5-point harness to keep baby safe and comfy. Make sure it can be used on most surfaces, including pebbles, uneven bricks and grass.


✔️ Water-Resistant Stroller Footmuff

To keep baby warm and comfy.

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✔️ Stroller Organiser

To store all your baby’s essentials when you are on the go.

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4) Car Seat

Make sure it is appropriate for the baby’s age and weight and installed properly.